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Turkish Cypriot Community Association
Turkish Cypriot Community Association
Sektör Sivil Toplum Örgütleri
İl / İlçe United Kingdom / LONDON
Web Sitesi http://www.tcca.net
Telefon 020 8826 1081

Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA) established in 1978 is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Number 3851759) with Charity Status (Charity Number 1080926).

As a charity it has been providing culturally, linguistically and religiously sensitive services to Turkish and Kurdish speakers residing in the UK. TCCA operates from two premises 117 Green Lanes (L.B.Islington) and 628-630 Green Lanes (L.B.Haringey) and delivers needs led projects within the remits of Greater London.

All projects are developed based on assessed need and thereafter provided in partnership with beneficiaries, stakeholders and members.

With the economic climate at its worse since the 1930s, a downturn in services offered by advice bureaus, restriction in accessible benefits and unemployment at record levels, have all placed an immense strain on people(s) ability to deal with debt. The burden on charities to provide debt/financial planning to those most in need is immense, and many charities are unable to bridge the gap between required provision and finances.

For those members of our community who have a limited command of English, the disadvantage suffered due to not being able to read or understand is heightened.

Our Vision and Mission

Our raison d’etre is to support our community through our self-funded and also internally created and externally tendered projects. These projects must provide a springboard for Turkish speaking people to either increase quality of life or gain training and support that will ultimately result in them not requiring government benefits to survive.

Through recognising the developments within our own community and contact with government bodies and locally sympathetic NGO’s, the TCCA will in time create more fresh projects and offer help in the most deprived corners of our community.

Our ambition is to improve lives for the short and long term and to contribute to wider society. Our full charitable objectives and breakdown are as set out in our memorandum and articles of association. Copies of these are available at the TCCA office for anyone who wishes to review them.

Governance and management

We adhere to a strict governance policy for making and putting into action all decisions and spending. Our board of Trustees takes responsibility as a collective for the overall running and financial processes in the organisation.

As we are keen to that we remain transparent we are inspected by CQC, Your Value, Pre-viable and Cache we also adhere to PQASSO, Investors in People, Investors in Communities and Hackney Health. Further to main trustees meetings we have sub committees that are appointed from time to time current committees include: Finance, Bulletin, Homecare, Property and Staffing

  • At all times we adhere that Trustees will promise to:
  • Act within their powers, using the correct procedures
  • Act in good faith and only in the interests of the charity
  • Adequately inform themselves, each other and all staff
  • Take into account all relevant factors and evidence
  • Disregarded any irrelevant factors
  • Manage conflicts of interest and interested parties
  • Make decisions that are within the range of decisions that a reasonable trustee body would make

Adres: 628-630 Green Lanes, Haringey, London, N8 0SD

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